We Tried a Meal Kit Box from Hello Fresh!

**Disclaimer** this is not sponsored or endorsed by Hello Fresh in any capacity but I did get a code from a friend that allowed me to have a free box. My partner and I are famously bad cooks amongst our friendship groups. We’ve got a reputation of serving burnt pizza, and our evening meals usuallyContinue reading “We Tried a Meal Kit Box from Hello Fresh!”

What I read in May

May was a similar pace to April – I only read two books this month. One of them was a pretty sizeable tome though so I feel ok about the number. Keep reading to find out what I thought of this month’s books! Rating scale:  One star = Terrible, couldn’t finish it. You probably won’tContinue reading “What I read in May”

Our first post-lockdown staycation!

Well well well, if it isn’t the long-awaited return of the ‘travel’ section of this blog. We travelled for a wedding in March 2020 just before the coronavirus pandemic started to become really concerning in the UK, but aside from that our last break away was in November 2019 to Brighton. We’d originally booked ourContinue reading “Our first post-lockdown staycation!”

Animal Crossing vs Stardew Valley – which one is better?

I bought my Nintendo switch a little over a year ago (circa March 2020) and have mainly played just three games – animal crossing, stardew valley, and Harry Potter Lego. I’ve never been a massive gamer, but I’ve definitely indulged at different points in my life. In my childhood is was Tomb Raider and SpyroContinue reading “Animal Crossing vs Stardew Valley – which one is better?”

5 Easy Ways to be a Climate Advocate

***disclaimer*** I want to preface this post by saying that the below are just some of my suggestions of how you can be more of a green advocate – and you should definitely do your own research on the suggestions below before you take action! I’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about thingsContinue reading “5 Easy Ways to be a Climate Advocate”